It has also been a transformative year for the Group’s capital efficiency as it made significant progress in this regard.

Michael RiceChief Financial Officer

Glenveagh had another strong year in 2021 delivering our highest ever number of completions, as well as record revenue and profits, all the while dealing with the continued impact of Covid-19 on our sites, including a 13-week Government enforced lockdown in the first half of the year.

2021 has been a transformative year for Glenveagh’s capital efficiency strategy with significant progress made in this area. The Group released its first capital allocation policy, set a medium-term return on equity target of 15% by 2024 while also initiating two separate share buyback programmes totalling €175.0 million. In addition, the Group continued to tighten and create a more active land portfolio with over €100.0 million of a net reduction in a 24-month period.

Group performance

Total group revenue was €476.8 million (2020: €232.3 million) from three main income streams:

  • €301.0 million relating to unit sales from our 977 core units. The average selling price was €308k (2020: €311k) reflecting the Group’s focus on suburban starter-home schemes.
  • €73.7 million relating to the 173 non-core units in Marina Village, Greystones.
  • €102.1 million mainly from our urban business, which includes the disposal of our residential and second hotel sites in Castleforbes as well as the revenue generated from the forward fund arrangement with Union Investment for the construction of the Premier Inn hotel in Castleforbes.

Glenveagh delivered the 977 core units and finished the year with 1,105 core units contracted or reserved for future years (2020: 544) providing further evidence of the strong demand and maturing sales profile within the business.

The Group’s gross profit for the year amounted to €83.1 million (2020: €9.5 million) with an overall gross margin of 17.4% (2020: 4.1%).

The underlying core gross margin is 19.6% (2020: 14.1%) and reflects the impact of the Premier Inn forward fund land sale and associated development revenue, in addition to the sale of the residential and second hotels sites at Castleforbes. To allow for greater visibility and clarity on the Suburban business, the gross margin delivered on our active Suburban units was 17.5% with this margin expected to increase to in excess of 18.0% in 2022.

Our operating profit was €50.6 million (2020: loss of €12.7 million). The Group’s central costs for the year were €30.1 million (2020: €20.2 million), which along with €2.4 million (2020: €2.0 million) of depreciation and amortisation gives total administrative expenses of €32.5 million (2020: €22.2 million). Net finance costs for the year were €4.8 million (2020: €3.0 million), primarily reflecting interest on the drawn portion of our debt facility, commitment fees on the undrawn element of the facility and arrangement fees, which are being amortised over the life of the facility.

Overall, the Group delivered a profit after tax of €37.7 million (2020: Loss of €13.9 million) and an earnings per share of 4.5 cent (2020: Loss per share of 1.6 cent).