When fully scaled we will deliver 10% of the country’s housing need every year.

Stephen GarveyChief Executive Officer

I am pleased to update you on the continued strong performance of Glenveagh during 2021 and how we are positioned for the next phase of growth.

As the world entered the second year of the pandemic, our business continued to be agile and respond effectively to the challenging and changeable situation. I am delighted that we were able to post such a positive performance in the face of significant headwinds.

To be able to maintain and deliver on our original guidance is down to the work of the entire Glenveagh team and our industry partners. I want to thank each and every one of them for their contribution. As a business we have been moving at pace since 2017, setting up our infrastructure and scaling our business operations. We have been able to do this because of the commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism of the team that we have put together.

Reflection on the year

Globally, 2021 was a landmark year. The world was learning to live with Covid-19 and was moving through the vaccination phase. Then, as we moved into 2022 and into a mode of living with Covid, attention turned to the conflict in Ukraine and global events once again reminded us of the constant state of flux we all now live within.

At Glenveagh, we say we are ‘Home of the new’. We use this to articulate that we are innovative, as a nod to our focus on building new homes in flourishing communities, and as a general rallying call that says we are different from what has come before us in the construction industry in Ireland.

But what does ‘Home of the new’ mean in the context of the global upheaval that Covid-19 has caused? As we collectively and individually take stock of our lives and the world we live in, do we want to go back to the old ways of doing things – or do we want to chart a new path? A new path that could address the fundamental inequalities of the societies we live in, reimagine how we live and build our communities, and find ways to move away from harmful practices that damage the environment.

In Glenveagh, we feel there is a collective need to be more sustainable, to innovate at every turn to make sure that we are contributing positively to the world and society that we live in. We cannot go back to business as usual.

As we look forward, our vision is more relevant than ever. We want everyone to have the opportunity to access great value, high quality homes in thriving communities across Ireland. How we do that as a collective within the industry is changing and we see ourselves as leading the way.

Within the context of Ireland’s housing crisis, we find our business at the vanguard. When fully scaled we will deliver 10% of the country’s housing needs every year. The challenge we set for ourselves is to deliver this housing with sustainability and relentless innovation at the core. Only by challenging every aspect of our business will we achieve our vision of truly creating thriving communities.